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COGEL International Ltd.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching has the ability to unlock someone’s potential and to maximise their performance and organisational contribution. It closes the gap between their overall ability and their current state. In a sense, executive coaching is about helping someone to create a better and more fully functioning version of themselves.

It is the art of facilitating another person’s learning, development, well-being, and performance. Coaching at its essence, is about raising self-awareness and identifying choices. Coaching enables people to find their own solutions, develop their own skills and change their attitudes and behaviours.

Where done by an experienced coach, it can at an individual or organisational level create self-awareness and drive transformational change while providing challenge and support.

Historically sending an executive for coaching was a remedial action. Now it is seen as an important and sustainable investment in the future performance of both individuals and organisations.

    "Based on my experience there's no other team I would trust my International coaching requirements , simply put ,COGEL deliver"

    Manjit Singh, Board Member WWE International and former President Of Sony Pictures Television India, LA

    "Cogel was one of the best business engagements we ever had , super impressed,I'm always looking for new opportunities to work with them"

    Jonathan Turrell , President Criterion Pictures , NY

    "The coaching, I am and my team received from Cogel, was transformative!"

    John Barker , Commercial EVP ,Midnight Oil Creative Agency ,London

    "We had absolutely brilliant engagement with the partners from Cogel"

    John Morrissey, Owner/Director Powerhouse Films London

    "Cogel delivered for us on all fronts"

    Colm Walsh US Regional Manager, Mistras Group

    "I can honestly say that without Cogel, we would not have the brilliant business we have today, superb partners."

    Nial Fitzpatrick,MD/ owner FLS (Fitzpatrick Laboratory Supplies), Ireland

    "Cogel was a super positive experience for me and my team."

    Micheal Sullivan MD, ABLE Table Europe

    "COGEL, professionals that take the time to learn my needs. I feel like they care about me."

    Georg Schafrath, Managing Director at AB Mikroelektronik GmbH

    "COGEL, a trusted partner. When you need them, they are there."

    Mark Pilkington, Retail Specialist and Book Author

    "COGEL has awakened in me the light that has been extinguished in the past few years and made a star shine again."

    Annabell Moser, Director Customer Retail Operations and Business Development at Sony DADC

    People First

    Cogel is a people first organisation that focuses on developing long-term strategic partnerships with the very best companies.  Cogel supports their need to change and grow at pace.

    Its unique positioning and partnerships ensure alignment with cutting-edge academic developments from across the world.We pride ourselves on being innovators in the coaching space and align ourselves with similarly minded organisations.

    In a commercial environment, increasingly characterised by VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), Cogel is a coaching company whose C suite experienced coaches' vision is to sustainably support others through the organisational constant of change.

    The perspectives and insights of our coaches are unmatched and provide an unrivalled combination of insight and support, exactly at the time and in a way that it is needed most.