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COGEL International Ltd.


People First

People First

We partner with organisations whose culture truly values the people within them and who are committed to creating great places to work.



We take an energetic, collaborative and innovative approach to our assignments, respecting confidentiality and boundaries, while challenging for better outcomes.



All our coaches are fully qualified and experienced executives which enables them to deliver positive and sustained change that delivers to the bottom line.



In a dynamic academic landscape, we share with our partners the freshest and most recent thinking on coaching and mentoring from around the world.

Key areas of speciality

  • One-to-one Senior Executive Coaching
  • Coaching program roll-outs across multinational / multicultural teams with online or in-person delivery
  • Organisational Change Management support including skills auditing and resource management
  • Support of Executives going through or preparing for a significant career change
  • Support through coaching to sustain the growth of newer organisations, including culture creation, management development and governance
  • Mentoring of teams in transition or those challenged by the need to evolve in response to market needs

    "Based on my experience there's no other team I would trust my International coaching requirements , simply put ,COGEL deliver"

    Manjit Singh, Board Member WWE International and former President Of Sony Pictures Television India, LA

    "Cogel was one of the best business engagements we ever had , super impressed,I'm always looking for new opportunities to work with them"

    Jonathan Turrell , President Criterion Pictures , NY

    "The coaching, I am and my team received from Cogel, was transformative!"

    John Barker , Commercial EVP ,Midnight Oil Creative Agency ,London

    "We had absolutely brilliant engagement with the partners from Cogel"

    John Morrissey, Owner/Director Powerhouse Films London

    "Cogel delivered for us on all fronts"

    Colm Walsh US Regional Manager, Mistras Group

    "I can honestly say that without Cogel, we would not have the brilliant business we have today, superb partners."

    Nial Fitzpatrick,MD/ owner FLS (Fitzpatrick Laboratory Supplies), Ireland

    "Cogel was a super positive experience for me and my team."

    Micheal Sullivan MD, ABLE Table Europe

    "COGEL, professionals that take the time to learn my needs. I feel like they care about me."

    Georg Schafrath, Managing Director at AB Mikroelektronik GmbH

    "COGEL, a trusted partner. When you need them, they are there."

    Mark Pilkington, Retail Specialist and Book Author

    "COGEL has awakened in me the light that has been extinguished in the past few years and made a star shine again."

    Annabell Moser, Director Customer Retail Operations and Business Development at Sony DADC

    Our Process

    Our coaching process involves five fundamental steps:

    • Getting to know each other

      Cogel will take the time to fully understand, your market, your key stakeholders perspectives and your organisational ambition. We will also look to understand the organisational culture, and how that supports or hinders your success.

    • Agreeing the goal

      Together with all relevant stakeholders, we will agree an unified goal to address during the coaching sessions. The goal should be SMART, i.e.:

      • Specific: a specific area for improvement is identified
      • Measurable: indicators of progress are established
      • Assignable: determine who will do it
      • Relevant: the goal(s) need to be relevant to the overall objectives stated by the stakeholders
      • Time-sensitive: based on the established goal(s), COGEL will recommend a reasonable amount of coaching session to achieve stated objectives

    • Assessing the current reality

      How aligned is your current reality to the establishing of your goal(s)? Maybe you feel stranded, unsure how to best move forward? Perhaps you feel that whatever efforts you put in are not delivering the expected results?

    • Reviewing options

      You have options. Part of the coaching process is helping you to surface these options, reflect upon them and integrating them in your way forward which leads us to the final part of the process.

    • What will YOU do?

      True change comes from within, coaching is about creating awareness around internal or external barriers to growth. It is also about challenging historical patterns of behaviour in order to create more and better options for the coachee. Once identified , the next phase is about making new choices and overcoming resistance to change, creating a motivational shared view of a future reality where new approaches truly deliver and offer a better future state.

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